Bottles with milk or a mixture. The first thing to remember while packing the bag for a walk is a food for the baby. Mothers who are breastfeeding, of course, have less trouble – they can afford to choose a bag of a smaller volume, as they don t nedd to carry jars with mixture.

Wipes in the “road” package. A small pack of wet wipes always come in handy – when changing a diaper, or if the baby gets dirty.
Gel for disinfection. Very handy thing in case if it is impossible for you or your child to wash hands.
Extra clothing and diapers. Be sure to bring with you things to change the clothes for your child. If you have a mat that can be tacked to the it is not necessary to take the diapers with you.

Plastic bags. Useful to pack a dirty diaper and any debris.
“First Aid Kit”. Depending on the age of the child it is worth to put a gel for teething, iodine or other necessary medicines in the bag.
Toys. Of course, an important point in the list of needed items. A pair of rattles, teethers – for the very young child will be sufficient.
Things for the mom. And what will you do if your baby falls asleep? A book or a magazine – for entertainment, cookie or granola bar – if you suddenly want to eat.