Firstly you need to choose the model. If you like to walk with a sling, a bag over one shoulder or a backpack will fit you perfectly. Those who prefer a stroller, should pay attention to the bags, which can be fixed on the handle of the stroller. Usually there are special straps or mounting holes for this. Many manufacturers produce special “evening” models in the form of clutches. Looking at this elegant handbag, you never guess that not only a bunch of sections lies within, but also a changing mat!

A large number of sections of different shapes and sizes, by the way, is one of the primary factors when choosing a bag. As the baby diaper bag should be first and foremost spacious and functional. Follow the rule: the more there are internal sections, the better. Note that there should be special pockets that securely fix the bottle and don t allow liquid to spill.

Another important point is fabric. The material for the baby diaper bags should be durable, waterproof and resistant to dirt. Choose a fabric that can be easily cleared with a simple wet cloth.

Pay attention to the locks on the bag: they should be easy to button and unbutton even with one hand. And to avoid disturbing the sleep of your child, look for models with special silent snaps.

After you define all the “technical” characteristics, there comes the most difficult stage. In an effort to impress the discerning shoppers the best designers compete in creativity and create more new prints and colors. So, for example, in the line of the famous American brand of baby diaper bags Petunia Pickle Bottom, there are about 150 different prints, and their number grows with each new season.

A result of such designers race is that the attitude to baby diaper bags changes: now it is not just a handy accessory, but also a collectible. It is a common thing when the price of releases of previous years is several times higher at auctions than the price of a new bag.