Baby sleeping bags are the best option for long journeys with a small child. It does not cause stress of the spine of the baby due to its rigid surface and sufficient size. The only drawback of this bag is rapid fatigue mom due to no possibility of comfortable distribute weight because the bag can’t be carried only in one hand, but still do not underestimate this handy thing. It is suitable for long walks, and just to move around the house.

Everywhere and always the baby will have its own, soft, clean and hygienic bed. You can quickly and comfortably accommodate a sleeping child in the train, at the station or airport, on a visit and clinic. In such a baby crib it is convenient to change clothes and change diapers. In bulk bag’s pockets can accommodate the necessary accessories for hygiene and infant feeding and during folding them you will not have to move or remove. All what was lying in pockets remains in place.

This type of carrying bag has its pluses and minuses, as any other type. Pros can be listed for a long time, but the main ones are as follows:
-Practical mobility – you can carry wherever you want without worrying about the baby’s comfort;
-Full windproof – dense upper cloth and hood do not allow to penetrate the wind and cold;
-Natural fabric – the inner layer consists of hundred percent cotton, the outer layer is mixed with polyester, but it does not prevent a great flow air;

Now consider a few drawbacks, which has baby sleeping bags have:
-The uneven surface of the bottom – can damage the health of the baby, so when choosing a bag scrutinize the bottom;
-Faulty sewing handles – check carefully whether sewn handles to inadvertently do not come off in a way;
-Not suitable for cars – the bag can not be transported in a car, it is necessary to purchase a separate car seat.